Have you ever visited a site to learn about a movie and then when you watched the movie it was totally different? That’s because these critics are professional critics and they understand movies different than you. My first priority is to write with honesty,humor and anger, reviews that will help you understand how bad is the movie you want to watch. I understand movies the same way you do and that’s what makes me more trustworthy.

If you want to contact me for any reason.If you have suggestions about my site or if you want anything for me use my gmail.



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    1. I don’t really know a lot about Bollywood movies and I don’t know where to find them. However if I find any Bollywood movie I will try to make a review. Until then you can enjoy the other reviews I published!!!

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  1. You had asked me for some suggestions, and here they are:
    1. Is what I like to call the objective-subjective. That is essentially stating your subjective opinion as objective as possible.

    2. Read/view other critics. I highly recommend the late, great Roger Ebert, all of his stuff is archived on his website. There is a plethora of them out there, so read others as well.

    3. Watch the great classics. Movies like “Citizen Kane”, “Seven Samurai”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Birth of a Nation”, etc… At some point, I do want to make a list of must-see movies, and All four listed would be on that list.

    4. Make time to listen to the commentary track or view supplemental material, especially if you are viewing it from a Criterion Collection DVD/Blu-Ray. The more retrospective the material the better it is.

    5. Develop your own voice. All the above will certainly help you develop your skills, but you still need to be you.

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  2. loganesian411 and Matthewjnewman gave you some good suggestions. I’ll second some of their points.

    Voice. Keep watching movies and writing reviews. Your own voice will develop the more you write.

    Writing style. Your writing style, like your voice, is your own and will develop the more your write. You write very informally. Be careful not to let writing that is too informal prevent you from getting your point across. I sometimes find that reading my posts out loud helps me catch where I am not quite expressing myself clearly, or where a reader might trip on my words or sentence structure.

    Spelling and grammar. Help your readers by being careful with spelling and grammar. This can be particularly important for non-native English readers of your blog. WordPress does a decent job with flagging potential problems with its proofreading tool, but of course, use it carefully because it may find “errors” that aren’t really errors and miss real ones. And sometimes you want to break grammar rules for effect.

    Watch the classics. By watching the classics, you can see what others consider great. The classics may inform how you look at the types of movies you watch and ultimately impact the reviews you write.

    More analysis. Express more of your reaction to the movies, points that struck you or resonated with you, or things that reminded you of another movie. Sometimes movies can be a good springboard for commenting on society or a current event.

    And finally…I’ll see you at the movies! (Check out Ebert and his reviews.)


  3. Hi, I promised I’d take a look at your blog and give you my thoughts so here they are.

    I see you asked a few other people to do the same and that’s smart. The more feeback you can get and act on, the better your blog should become.

    I love the main page, the way the images scroll – it’s a very visually appealing template.

    Your reviews made me laugh and I have to love anyone who attempts to invent the word “innovativiest”. But they seem more like recaps than reviews. I would like to see a briefer description of the movie itself and more of what you thought about it, especially since your humour and wit is fantastic.

    There are some construction, spelling, grammar and typo issues that made me think that English isn’t your first language. A good editor will be able to help you with this or even just a friend who has excellent English skills might be able to help you tidy things up so it isn’t as noticeable.

    And keep writing! The one thing guaranteed to help writers get better is practice. I wish you all the best in your writing journey. 🙂

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