American Sniper

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Based on: the memoir American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History (2012) by Chris Kyle, with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice

Written by: Jason Hall

Goooooooooood Morning Vietnaaaaam!!!!!

Nope that’s another war. I’m starting to get confused . USA keeps making wars in order for Hollywood to write good scripts again, I guarantee it.

This is a biographical drama that follows the life of Kyle, who became the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history with 255 kills from four tours in the Iraq War, 160 of which were officially confirmed.

The film starts with a young Kyle who shows his passion for supporting the weak against the strongest evil people. A failed symbolism of the movie, implaing that this was what he did in Iraq. His father actually encourage him to use violance as protection. Again an imply about the Iraq war. Just so you know this movie is full of them and the script has a lot of hidden political meanings. There is actually a lot of controversy around the depiction of the Iraq war and the depection of Kyle in this movie.

Anyway, Kyle is kind of a looser untill the terrorist attacks when he realised that he has a lot to offer to his country and decided to join the military. See, the movie again trys to say that the American Seals where his savior and they pulled him out of his misery. The training begins and Kyle is the only one that can survive through the tough parts of it due to his dedication and his disciplines that his father taught him. However he is not really good with snipers untill  he has to shoot a snake. And here comes a controversial line. Kyle says “I’m better when it’s breathing!!!” implaing that he can shoot better when the target is alive. Now I don’t know how this line works in the US but outside the US this sounds like the motto of  Jack the Ripper, not a catchline of an American Hero.

Kyle marrys his wife and they are quite happy untill the terrorist attacks of 9/11. That was the moment that Kyle realised that the situation is out of control and the marines send him to Iraq for the war. And here comes my favourite scene of the movie, probably the best scene of the year. Kyle is on a roof with his sniper and he sees a suspicious kid with his mother walking towards the american troops. His target is a kid and he doesn’t know if he is able to shoot a little kid in order to protect his colleagues. Of course i won’t tell you what happened.

After this point the movie starts getting good. Despite the fact that Kyle is great at his job he is starting to feel tired and he misses his wife who is now pregnant. That’s when Kyle realised that the touhgness of war is not on the battles but it’s on your relationships with your people. He doesn’t want to be away from her but he needs to stay in Iraq. Meanwhile his reputation is starting to get bigger and the insurgents issue a bounty on Chris. The american troops continue chasing terrorists to find Bin Laden and Kyle starts a feud with Mustafa, a Syrian Sniper who killed a lot of americans. Chris killed him finally by breaking the world record for the longest shot ever!!!

After that he is quite happy with his life. But that doesn’t last long. His wife misses him and asks him to stay home. He can’t stay though because he has to go back in Iraq. Also he realises that he can’t leave in the real world again. He is always alert , he sees danger everywhere and he can’t believe that no one in USA cares about the war. This is the point where he realises that he risked his life for people who didn’t really care about what was happening in Iraq and he starts to doubt his devotion to the army. Although he goes back to Iraq for the last time. There he sees again his friends getting shot and he is moved by his best friends advice (while he was dying in the hospital) to stop his military career. At the same time his wife warns him that if he doesn’t quit she is going to brake up with him. And Kyle finally decides to retire.

The movie is quite good especially when they try to show the impact that the war had on his relationship with his wife. There are great scenes where you can see the nostalgy, his feelings for his wife battling with his feelings for the army, and the moments where he realises that he doesn’t know which one is the real world, the peaceful USA or the war in Iraq.But there are some scenes that didn’t even need to be in this film like awkward sex talk  and sex scenes with his wife. The drama in this movie is quite good but it doesn’t make you cry. I think that’s what is missing from the movie a moment that will make you cry. That’s why this movie can’t compare with movies like “Platoon”. The action is awesome too because it’s not fake,  it seems real. You will not see “heroes” killing hundreds of terrorists or intouchable american soldiers. You will see soldiers dying, being afraid, hidding, thinking twice before they shoot and this is what i really like in the movie. Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood did an amazing job too!!!!

However some nationalistic moments could have been avoided. But it’s normal because the target group of the film was American conservatives. People who wanted to see their hero. That’s why the movie has this title because it’s very American and really Sniper. At some moments it seems like Donald Trump directed it (Sorry, my American friends)




23 thoughts on “American Sniper

  1. I hope you liked it. For the Americans that will see this i want to make something clear. I didn’t have any indication to offend Chris Kyle or the American troops or the American Nation. Everything that i say are jokes and maybe my point of view!!! Also feel free to suggest which movie i should rate next.

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  2. Hi fullfaze, thanks for commenting on my blog. You are passionate and it shows – that’s good! Enthusiasm does wonders to hold the reader’s interest. Can I assume that you’re young and English is not your main language? If so, thats awesome too, the effort really shines through. I have two suggestions for you at this point.

    First, you might want to stop summarising the entire plot. People who haven’t seen the movie might not wanna be spoiled and they’ll skip it. Those who have might skip it too as it’s redundant information. Unless you choose to spice the summaries up with some commentary of your own, try focusing more on your critique of the film – that’s what people come to reviews for.

    Secondly, consider typing your work out into a word document before pasting it over onto the blog, because youll be able to see your spelling errors marked out, letting you correct them by right clicking the words underlined in red. This way, your blog will be more readable, and you’ll get better at spelling, which will definitely improve your writing in the future.

    Best of luck, I hope to see more!

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    1. Thanks for the tips. Yes the language is a problem because I am Greek but I am getting better. If you really like my blog follow me in order to read my new posts. Thank you for your time

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    1. Well… this scene actually I think was the chance of the director to make us cry. Although I think he failed because he made us feel bad for him when he was away from his family but he didn’t made us feel happy for him when he got back. He should have shown more scenes with him and his kid. That way we would have been happy for him. And while we believe that everyone will live happily after he would have shown a scene with the crime or he could have wrote that he died at the end simply. That’s how you surprise people. But I am not american. Maybe for Americans this was a good scene. I think it was something like a standing ovation but I didn’t really like it. At least kyle manage to play in his own movie even with this wày


  3. Exactly my thoughts! I though it was a very overt attempt at sentimentalist nationalism, avoiding obvious issues of futility of war in the first place. Here I was feeling bad for the lack of support for war veterans as they are victims of war they didn’t declare and there is so much American patriotism being thrown into my face! I mean, even he wasn’t very proud of his so-called bravado it seems, but his countrymen should be. Made me feel super-awkward, to be honest.

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  4. Andrew already suggested what I was going to suggest with your reviews. Yeah You don’t need to summarize the whole plot, just a few sentences about the main story would be sufficent. I did feel like this one would be a bit more patriotic then it should have been, and that one sequence with Cooper and the kid may be the most intense scene. Keep on writing man. You’ll never get better unless you keep at it. Great job

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  5. You asked me to comment, so here I am. Overall, solid stuff. As I saw in the other comments, you’re Greek so English is not your number one language, but there aren’t any glaring grammar or flowing issues (a few awkward phrasing but that will change with time). One thing I would make note is maybe give a little bit less of a plot description. You shouldn’t be doing a rundown of a majority of the film, just dedicated a sentence or two to giving a broad summarization, and then if a plot point needs to be brought up later in the review to prove/support a point, that is fine. Most people read reviews knowing the plot, so going into detail is either redundant or even a spoiler. Keep writing and improving, you have great groundwork!

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  6. Hey
    you asked me to read and help you out so I have read the latesterms reviews you have done and have to say I love your style. The slight humour makes them fun to read and the in depth analysis of the film really shows you grasp an understanding of the movie before writing about it.
    My only comment would be just to spell check before you publish 🙂 that’s all the rest is you being you and I like a reviewer who is down to earth
    You’ve gained a follower:)

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