Olympus Has Fallen

Starring: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Cole Hauser, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Rick Yune, Dylan McDermott

Directed By: Antoine Fuqua

Written by: Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt

For the past few years there are some rumors in Hollywood that writters are out of ideas and that is why producers keep making sequels without any reason. A lot of cinephiles have expressed their complaints about this situation.

Well… all of you haters can hide in your mom’s  basement and cry now. This movie is the answer to all of you. You thought that Hollywood is over and that they don’t have innovative ideas. Yeah… you wish!!!!! This movie came out to humiliate you. Out of all the innovative movies out there, this is the innovativiest (or smth like that). A guy who can fight a whole army without getting killed. I wonder how the hell did the writers came up with this idea. The human mind is amazing.

And… NO you haven’t seen the same plot in “Die Hard”,”G.I. Joe”,”Rambo”, “The Expendables”, and basically every film that stars Jason Statham, Bruce Willies,Arnold Schwarzenegger, Silvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Dwayne Johnson, etc… Furthermore, you totally didn’t watch exactly the same movie with different actors just TWO months after the release of this one with the title ” White House Down”.But enough about that stuff. Let’s talk about the movie.

The movie stars Channing Tatu… no sorry… The movie stars Gerard Butler, because obviously the President of USA watched the 300 and he was amazed by Leonidas.So he is now the head of his security. I forgot to mention that the President (Aaron Eckhart) in this movie is really cool and he talks to his security guards like they are his friends and they are like a family and he spends time with his kid. Basically all the things that the President of USA usually does. I am sure in his free time he takes part in rap battles and he is an ace at brake dancing.

Anyway everything is good untill the President decide to visit somebody MIDNIGHT. Because we all know that there is no danger for the President out there.Inside the car the President has a sweet moment with his wife. Another thing that Presidents always do. They love their wifes and especially in front of their security guards. But then something suddenly happens… and that’s all i can say because we never learn what happened. It could be a cat or a dog , it could be a terrorist attack, it could be the ugly face of the First Lady. All we can see is a broken glass.  That moment Leonidas show us how stupid he is since he can’t even cut the safe belt and the wife dies. Sure he can kill 500 korean soldiers but when he sees a safe belt he is like: ” Oh Damn… they don’t teach that kind of stuff on FBI”.

To cut a long story short he is not fired but they moved him to another department, which is a step away from the white house for… reasons. We never learn what he really does.The President on the other hand is having a meeting with the Korean prime Minister. No, not the South Korean, the NORTH KOREAN because… what could go wrong?

Of course something goes wrong and a plane appers, which is not a regular plane, it’s a Bruce Willies plane it doesn’t die, it wins 5 american planes, even F16 and some rockets . Lets accept the idea that a plane took of from North Korea and managed to travel so many hours and entered the american airspace without anyone stopping it, and continue. Korean soldiers show up from nowhere they start shooting at people and the Olympus is down and if you didn’t realise it you can see the american flag going down slowly.

But Gerard Butler is there to help them. Forget the 500 soldiers that already died, forget the FBI, the CIA, the police and people who are trained for this situations. Gerard is there to kick some ass. Thank God he didn’t have to save the President from a scary safety belt. If you think “No this is unbelievable”. You should know that there was a traitor inside the White House who betrayed his own country for… WE NEVER LEARN WHY. It’s the most importand thing in the movie and we never learn anything about it. He says something about Globalization and Wall Street. BULLSHIT.

Now nobody knows if the president is alive. So they make Morgan Freeman the new President which is a little weird. You can see that in the film every moment everybody is like “Oh we should save the President”and “Oh, is he alive?” like they can’t live without him and they replace him with Freeman just seconds after his disapperance. The Korean leader of this coup talks to Freeman about his demands and he asks all the american troops to leave from Korea,because he wants to attack South Korea.  The President can’t do that so Gerard Butler starts killing everybody in the White House and he finds President son and he saves him. Meanwhile the Koreans ask the President and the Secretary for some codes.

After that we basically see Butler killing people untill he captures two Korean soldiers. He interogated them. And the film takes the chance and proves once more how stupid it is. He didn’t interogate them with a special technique that he learned from the CIA. He just killed one of them with a knife and the other one was like “this dude is serious”.Then he kills the traitor (revenge for what happened in 300) and there is a final scene with the Korean soldier.In this scene he literally gets his ass kicked from the Korean soldier but eventually he wins because…  it’s good against evil. The Korean dude wounded the President before he died and a stupid scene comes up again. Butler had a first aid kit with him the whole time. Anyway  good wins.

The plot is stupid and it makes no sense but the action in this movie quite good and that is the only good thing i have to say for this one. It’s a nice movie to spend your time with but don’t expect to be amazed by it.

Finally, suggest in the comment section what movie i should rate next. If you like my posts please follow me and leave a comment if you have any suggestions about how i can improve my posts.If you need anything look at the about/contact page and contact me via email.






15 thoughts on “Olympus Has Fallen

  1. Hi,
    I really love all your reviews and i was wondering if you could do reviews for our blog/magazine. We will be publishing our magazine by the end of this month. We were looking for someone who could do movies/series review. Please do let me know if you are interested.
    You can mail us at fairyqueenbz@gmail.com

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  2. You definitely give a whole new style and on take to reviewing movies.. I like the sarcasm and wit. I would love to read a review on something I have seen. What about re visiting classics?
    I’ve recently watched the movie ‘Dark Skies’ – I would love to read your review on that movie.

    I love watching movies. I think your style of critique is engaging is good but I didn’t get all the in house references- that may be ignorance on my part. I wouldn’t want someone to give away the whole movie and I think the reviews could be slightly more condensed. I say that because we live in a world where we sometimes don’t have a lot of time to read or do as much as we want with our time. It is only my suggestion.

    Over all I love your Blog. I can’t wait to read more reviews. Good luck 🙂

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  3. What a nice way to make the frustrating scenes sound almost humorous. Thanks, your review made me laugh. Even though I haven’t seen the movie, the scenes were so real in my head. You made my morning. 🙂 I’d like to check out some more of your reviews

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  4. Hi! You dropped by on my blog and asked me to check your reviews, so here I am!

    You clearly have your own witty/sarcastic style of reviewing and it definitely has an audience, though I have to admit I’m not in that audience. The way you summarize most of the movie might also divide people — I for one don’t like spoilers so I don’t read reviews that tell too much about the plot.

    As for the writing itself, your main issue is grammar/spelling. I saw a comment where you said you’re from Greece and getting better at English all the time, which is great! But I’d suggest using a spell checker or even a beta reader whose native language is English, if you have a friend like that. The reviews would be much more enjoyable if they were checked for errors and mistakes before posting.

    I think your blog will attract people and your English will get better with every post, so definitely keep at it 🙂

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