Ride Along

Ride along is a 2014 action-comedy film. The film stars ice cube and Kevin Hart.This movie doesn’t have a great plot,but this is not really disturbing because it’s not bad enough to destroy the comedy of the movie. Don’t expect to see great acting since none of the stars is really an actor. Kevin Hart plays a small funny guy,a role that he tried a lot of times but in this movie he is not annoying, who wants to become a police officer to prove to his girlfriend’s brother that he is tough.
Thank god her brother wasn’t a gay pornstar.Ice cube on the other hand plays the serious police officer,and the brother of Kevin’s girlfriend, that everyone has respect for and fear,you know the one that destroys the whole town in order to catch a criminal,but his superiors congratulate him,inspite of the distraction. This movie has some good laughs especially when Kevin tries to act a die hard and it’s funny to see the perfect and stupid world of Kevin Hart crushing the serious and strictly professional world of Ice Cube.So despite the predicting plot,I suggest that you should watch this movie especially if you are a fan of Kevin’s comedy.
Finally, I would like to make a request from the people that will read this. This is a new site and I would be really greatful and honoured if you were willing to leave a comment and describe me what you didn’t like and what do you want me to improve. Your comment will be extremely helpful.
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9 thoughts on “Ride Along

  1. Second one gets worse aha I would say have more sections, simple one would be good and bad sections. Looks more cleaner and easier to read in my opinion but it’s your call man.

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  2. Having been a writing teacher for a number of years, my suggestion would be to shorten the sentences. You already have a natural understanding of connecting words like “so”, “finally”, and “then”. Use those to link ideas together more often. Make compound and complex sentence structures less frequently. Think of the reader reading your writing as a monkey swinging through the trees. Each period marks where the monkey was swing to the next branch and the next end of a sentence. Monkeys don’t want the branches too far apart, or the monkey misses, and the monkey falls. So, since this is basically monkey-themed advice take it with a bit of banana or not at all. Your writing shows promise.

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    1. Thank you so much for liking my reviews.Also I am not a native speaker and English is not my first language.So I am really grateful for your help and for your grammatical suggestions. Finally since you liked my post I would be really glad if you follow my site because I will upload more reviews and I don’t want you to miss them.

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  3. A good start for sure but I’ll have to disagree about Kevin Hart as I’ve never not found him annoying. He’s a great comedian but I’ve never liked any of his movies. The closest one would have to be Get Hard but that’s not saying much.


  4. Nice review. I didn’t like this movie that much. I would say the only thing to work on would be your grammar. Other than that it looks like you have your own style developing. That’s always a good thing. Keep it up! 😎

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