Fast and Furious 7

Do you like action movies?


Do you like fast cars and racing?


Do you like cool street fight scenes?


Do you like the”Fast and Furious” series?


Then DON’T watch this movie.The film stars Bruce Willies’ retarted brother Vin, Paul Walker and Jason Statham. With this release the “Fast and Furious” series officialy made more “last performances” than the Scorpions(para pam tsss).This must be their second “last ride” and there are going to make two more.Even I am more convincing when I eat chocolate and I say: this is the last piece.The plot in this one is the same story we knew which keeps me wondering why do they have to make so many films since they have nothing more to say. Not even the fact that Walker died stopped them from making a sequel. On the opposed, they replaced him with a CGI and made billions out of his death.Who knows what else they can do in the sequel.Maybe show his bones or his scull on a table.The action in this movie is so bad! There is a scene where Osama ‘Vin’ Laden jumps from a skyscraper to another skyscraper… with his car.This has to be the second worse thing that happened to Twin Towers. And the only good thing in this movie, J.Statham ,has a small part and the worse scenes in the movie.Why? Really, why would you put one of the biggest action movie stars on a street fight and then disappoint everyone with Diesel’s jump that caused an earthquake or something(probably because of the huge loads of failure that Vin acquires).But I have to admit that I cried a little when Vin Diesel said goodbye to Paul Walker for the last time. But I got pissed again when I learned that this is not the end of the series.



20 thoughts on “Fast and Furious 7

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  1. Thanks for the message, I like the site so far. The reviews are honest. Just keep doing what you’re doing now and your audience will grow 🙂

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  2. One thing I like is that sets you apart from many review/rating sites is that the score is not the first thing people read. Scores tend to reflect differently than what the author actually writes.
    In fact, if you have a score system, I would write up a summation of the good and bad parts.

    I like that you have a personal touch to your reviews, but one thing that did detract is that your points jump from one thing to another in a block of text. Preferably there should be a point per paragraph, with some kind of transition if you can make one.

    Also, sometimes you don’t put a space after each period. It’s a bit distracting.

    Finally, as Debraj put it, I would break the reviews up into parts (paragraphs, essay style with an introduction, clear points and a summary).

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  3. We still have Fast & Furious 8? HAHA is that I’m the only one who not sure xD Honest reviews btw! Keep it up good job ^^

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    1. Thanks. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. If you like my reviews please follow me. I will publish new reviews and I don’t want you to miss them. I would be really grateful if you did that. Thanks for checking out my blog

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    1. Thank you. That means a lot to me. If you have any suggestions I am all ears. If you like my reviews please follow me. I will publish more reviews and I don’t want you to miss them. I would be really grateful if you did that. Thanks for checking out my blog.


  4. I love the look, your blog is visually well put together. Your honesty is front and center, your opinions are thoughtfully articulated, one critique is the length of your free form, perhaps break up your thoughts into smaller paragraphs otherwise well done.

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  5. Haha, I loved the opening of this post: if you like this, this and this, then DON’T watch this! I thought it was alright how they ended things with Paul Walker’s character, having him drive off into the sunset like that. I found a clip of that part and it made me cry. I do agree though, they keep saying this is the “last time” and it loses entertainment value the more times they say it.

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