This movie is (supposed to be) a comedy film. The film stars Robert De Niro,Aubrey Plaza and Zach Efron’s abs.When it was announced that Robert De Niro joined the cast a lot of people had their hopes high.Unfortunately, it turns out that Robert De Niro was “high” too, when he accepted the role.After a small break  with “The Intern” the bad version of Robert De Niro comes back and its now new and enhanced.This movie is a crime against the movie industry,but De Niro wasn’t alone,he had a sidekick.I feel sad for poor Zach. I mean, can you imagine being Zach Efron(Duh…I look at the mirror and dream about it every night) and you get a call from your agent that says you will play next to De Niro.I am sure he thought ,”Men, I will finally become a serious actor and I will have serious scenes and I will have demands like:no more topless scenes,and I will say things like:Oh… I don’t want to be known for my looks but for my personality”. Then his agent was like”OK.So first scene you are topless…”.Anyway, De Niro’s character is named Dick,so that you remember that the movie sucks, and is an old guy whose wife died(totally NOT the same plot with “Last Vegas”) and now he becomes a teenager. Zach portraits a corporate attorney that wants to become a photographer (who is gonna believe that?) who wants to party with his dirty grandpa like the good old days. Finally, Aubrey Plaza plays somebody that wants to fuck everybody.The movie is horrible, and the only reason to watch it is because(I literally had to stop here for 10 minutes to think) it exists.I know what you thinking”where the hell did you find 1.8 points to give?”.Honestly… on Plaza’s sex scene.May this movie be forgotten.Amen.




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